Check out why Drake ignored his $250,000 show in Dubai. Was that really a good reason?

Popular singer, Drake left his fans highly disappointed and sad as they waited all day because the talented singer was coming to Abu Dhabi to perform.

Some even came so early as to get a good position to have a full glimpse of the star but they all went home with a sad face.

The club said that “bunch of people were waiting in and outside the club just to see the singer. People waited in line for hours and some even waited as early 5AM to catch a glimpse of Drake.
When his manager was contacted, he said they missed the show because of Drake’s safety. Drake’s manager knew that a lot of people would be able to get into the VIP lounge and that the security may not be able to handle the crowd which could compromise Drake’s safety.
Drake’s management representative
explained that due to his overwhelming popularity the great number of people that lined up outside of the called VIP Room made it completely risky for him.
Well the star had made his choice by choosing his safety over almost #90m.

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