Check out this 10 attributes every man wants in his woman before taking her to the alter.

Men are difficult to get committed to relationship. They don’t just propose, but they only do, when they find enough reason to. Why do you think men chose certain girls above others? Now this will trigger your curiosity.

Reason #1: Men marry character and not beauty. Therefore, be positive, energetic, enthusiastic, and be a trophy wife.

Reason #2. Men often marry women whose religion, politics, values, and socio-economic status match theirs

Reason #3: Men marry women who they perceive as “situational virgins” who move easily in their world. Whose dressing appropriately sends the message, “I am wife material” to your dream man. Hence, Men see a sexy outfit as an invitation to have sex. In a research carried out among 2000 men in Europe, Only 7 out of 2,000 men interviewed said that their fiance was dressed in a very sexy outfit when they met. So, stop dressing sexy, you will only attract Mr Wrong, after the sex, you are dumped.

Reason #4: Men marry women whom they admire, and like to show off (but not for their physical appearance)

Reason #5: Look marriable, Speak polightly and don’t look needy. Most men decide within 10 minutes of meeting a woman if she’s appropriate for marriage, or just for a casual affair

Reason #6: Men marry value, asset in a woman and not liability: Men marry pride in a woman and not a proud woman. Over 80% of men marry woman they are proud to introduce to friends and family.

Reason #7: Men marry Ms Nice: Over 70% of men said they knew that their future bride was a “nice girl” the minute they met.

Reason #8: Men love to marry women under 30 100 times faster than those above the age of 30. Why they percieve her looking old enoguh to attract his sexual urge. Its not an ultimate to say, you can’t get a husband after this age, but, men are more focused on ladies below this age.

Reason #9: Men marry women who mind time, respect time and understands the value of time. Remember early risers command the day to obey their future. Mr Right will spot this quality right after 10minutes of your first date.

Reason #10: Men marry tough ladies with no sex than those who offer sex with the mind of attracting love. Men look for sex and find love, while women look for love and are seduced into becoming sex machines. If its a lie, can you count how many dates you ever had with a man without having a dirty crush that made you hate yourself? If you sleep with him, you lost 80% commitment from him, if he finally marries you, you will become second option.

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