The upcoming contest about the ugliest man in Zimbabwe. Meet the man who won last year. ..

OMG!  Zimbabwe is currently warming up for her most unbelievable show!  The contest to prove who is the most ugly man in the country.

                Mison Sere.

Mison Sere was the first runner up on the 2015 edition were he took home the sum of $500. Though other participants  insisted that he was handsome for the post!  Lol.
Now this year’s edition coming up on 25 November will be a greater package and a lot of sponsors are showing up. According to the founder of this pageant, David Machowa said : “Mr Ugly pageant is on. The sponsors are there. We have active sponsors, who have come on board … Harare is big and has a lot of people, hence we are having contests in a number of suburbs,”

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