Six proven reasons why men cheat. Ladies you have to read this!

Reasons why 80% of men cheat on their partners. Ladies should take note of this.

Why No #1: When He Is Emotionally Dissatisfied.
It’s not lack of enough sex that cause infidelity, it’s emotional DISSATISFACTION as reported by Neuman Gary, (2008). “But you can create a marital culture of appreciation and thoughtfulness and once you set the tone, he’s likely to match it.” Contrary to what you have been made to believe that “all men need sex to be happy in marriage”. Men need encouragement and not your complain. Specifically, a sense of feeling underappreciated kills a man’s intimacy faster than deadly diseases like HIV/AIDs.

Why No#2: When His winning mentality is killed.
Don’t be afraid to praise your husband for little things he is able to provide. He is more satisfied when he knows, he is still wining. Imagine how he feels each time he watches his “Football Team” loose a match. Sometimes, he doesn’t eat or he goes to bar. The Same happens to him at home when despite all his effort to provide for the home, no matter how little, yet, you make him a loser. Change to become a woman who take pride in her husband’s little achievement.

Why No#3: When she is less available and careless about him using work or kids as cover up.
Separate your kids from your partner. If you think you are in marriage because of your kids, why worry much about your partner and care less about your kids when he cheats? Availability is not being present. Be more emotionally available than physical. Admire his dress, praise his achievements at work, pay him a surprise visit at his office during break time and lots more.

Why No #4: Feeling of betrayal.
When a man feel betrayed by the wife’s beauty, spoken word, attitude and other insults. He could cheat. One shocking question you should take note of is,

Do men who cheat go for women who are more beautiful than their wives? More than 80% of men who cheat said “NO” according to Gary’s research.
The wife has made them perceive that pretty women might not be loyal or make them win always. Also, men like to be in control, going for a less beautiful woman or lady makes them feel being in control.
Lastly, they go for cheap and less quality Ladies to revenge on their wife.

Why No#5: When you deny him sex.
Most times, men don’t get attracted to their wife for Sex for several reasons such as: being unkept, untidy, too busy to observe the signs, unattractive shape, loosed dressing (they dress sexy when going out than when at home, poor wife), asking too much questions when sex issues is raised by the man and many more.

Why No#6: When you delegate your responsibility.
Don’t ever allow your servants or maid serve your husband food when you’re alive regardless of the reasons. A woman once shared her ordeal that, she delegated her responsibility to a maid who doesn’t live with her and before she discovered it “the maid had committed several abortions for the husband”.
This will hopefully be an eye opener for ladies.

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