OMG! Jaden Smith said he was once a vampire.

Speaking to French fashion magazine Numéro, Popular Child actor, jaden Smith spoke exclusively about his life

including the shocking revelation that he used to be a vampire! He said: “During a period of my life, I was Gothic. I was only wearing black and I was hiding from the sun because I was a vampire.
“I was a vampire, for real. I could not expose myself to the sun and I was only wearing black trench coats.
“Now I’m not a vampire, I’m out of this phase. I open myself up to wear brighter things, to go out in daylight. I share much more mixed energy.”
Speaking further he also revealed that he would like to leave a legacy
He told the mag he hopes people say: “The world was like that when he arrived, and like that when he’s gone. He is not here, but thank you,” when he’s past away.
Jaden is planning to pursue “music, film, photography and other fields”.
“There are odysseys in which I am engaged now, those that I can put in place if I want, those I could undertake in the future,” he added.
“Some immerse themselves in painting, studying intensely or demonstrate an extreme concentration. The adaptability of the human seems endless, until the day they die.”

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