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10 top secrets to keep your relationship without stress.

Adhering to these  tips can help blossom your relationship. You should enjoy your partner and not enduring them! Make your relationship sweet by trying out this secrets that can make people envy your relationship.

Secret #1: Love yourself. Think, would you marry youself? If you're not happy with who you are then don't expect others will be. Analyze yourself and change what you don't like. Positive self-esteem is key.

Secret #2: Communicate. From the start of the relationship and all through the marriage, the key to keeping the relationship together is communication. Tell yourselves what  you feel, both positive and negative.

Secret #3: Be natural. For all the glamour advertisements out there, the fake boobs, hair dyes, and all the rest, a man really appreciates something that is genuine. Be natural. You want him to get to know the real you because it is the real you he's going to have to live with when you're married.

Secret #4: Be Romantic. While sexuality isn't the only thing in a relationship, it is important. Show that you're interested in each other romantically. Men who want to marry aren't looking for just a roommate but romance.

Secret #5: Know your role. An important part of any relationship is making both partners aware that they have indispensable role to play. Make sure that you and your partner have a similar view of the relationship. If you're looking for someone to have kids with and he's looking for a casual relationship, it's not going to work out.

Secret #6: Show confidence. Be sure of yourselves  and ready to tackle whatever is before you together. Many men love confident women whom they can plan their future with. How can a man not feel privileged when he earns the esteem of a woman who values herself so highly?

Secret #7: Be Classy. A special glance, a scratch on the back, or a soft kiss is nice, but nothing "clingy" or inappropriate. Enjoy your relationship by going out for picnics or any other fun area as you desire.

Secret #8: Compliment and Appreciate each other. Appreciations adds strength to your partner. It gives them the desire to work more. Support each other  and avoid nagging or berating.

Secret #9: Fun to be with. This sounds basic, but it's a critical factor in any relationship. Have a sense of humor. Don’t be uptight or negative.

Secret #10: Intentionally Become Humble. A humble person is not someone who downplays herself; it is a person who controls her ego and shows a genuine interest in others. Don't always try to be in charge without considering your partners feeling. 

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