Wow read What Happened to a Goalkeeper Who Conceded 44 Goals in One Match In Sept 20,2016

SV Vonderort football club ’ s second team in German C League broke a record on September 12 , 2016 by conceding 44 goals in one football match and the goalkeeper was later arrested by the police .
Sometimes , a performance on the field is so bad that it ’ s criminal . That may quite literally be the case for a 25 – year – old goalkeeper in the lower leagues of Germany .
In a recent league game , SV Vonderort broke an undesirable record when it lost 44 – 0 to rival PSV Oberhausen.
According to German newspaper , Express , SV Vonderort was down 35 – 0 at halftime , and at one point , it was only able to field eight players . PSV Oberhausen was so embarrassed by its lead that it made the sporting gesture of removing three of its own players to even up the numbers.
After conceding a goal nearly every two minutes , goalkeeper Marco Kwiotek may have wanted to completely forget about the performance after becoming the world record holder in the history of football for conceding a goal per two minutes in a match .
However , five days later at a training session , two police cars arrived at Vonderort’ s training ground in Bottrop (around 30 miles west of Dortmund ). The 25 – year – old keeper was escorted from the training field by armed officers and brought to the local police station for
questioning .
The Sun reported that , “ Kwiotek called out to players as he was led from pitch by cops at the club ’ s base in Bottrop , western Germany . They just want to clear some things up .
“ He has not been seen since and police have refused to comment on why he was taken into custody . ”
Club managing director , Christian Schröer told Express that he hopes the shot stopper will be available for selection in Vonderort’ s next game. Hopefully, he won ’ t have to reach into the net quite so often in that one .

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