Must Read: Speculations that 2pac could be alive.

Despite proves that Tupac is gone. Some still insisted that he is very much alive but has just chosen to live a quiet life,

out of public glare. But the cop who was present at the time of the incident, was really pissed off with the untrue speculation making round as he angrily said:

 ‘F**k You’ to Me  I Saw Him ‘Lose His Life’
Also another witness, Carrol, who was with Tupac in a BMW car when he was gunned down in Las Vegas by an unknown person said
 “Tupac just flopped out onto my left arm, as I hadn’t realized he was leaning against the door,” Carroll recalled. “I then cushioned him down to the floor. Tupac was grimacing in pain, looking panicked and gasping for breathe.”,2pac was bleeding from chest and making a dim breath in such that he can’t have a word from his mount, except “fuck you… …
This happened in Las Vegas and was enough evidence that the seasoned rapper is gone.

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