Must Read: Pastor who kept teenage girls hostage just to satisfy his sexual pleasure, finally exposed.

This is indeed another sign of end time!
A pastor who claims to be a man of God was arrested for keeping some teenage girls hostage,

while satisfying his sexual pleasures with them at his own free will. and also making those who got pregnant at the process to abort the babies. It all started on June 30 when the police received report about some 13 young girls between the ages of 13 and 18 in which the pastor was defiling while holding them captive.
The pastor who is a general overseer of “Tongue of fire Restoration Ministry” situated on Jacob Taiwo street Oshodi, is currently being investigated by the Lagos State Command. he confessed he had sex with only six of them. But as justice would take over he will be charged for abduction, defilement and abortion. The commissioner of police Cp Fatai Owoseni said, after the conclusion of the investigation he will be charged to court. Meanwhile, the girls had been taken proper care of, medically.

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