Ibadan University made it to the top list as one of the best University’s in the world 2016

A 2016  global ranking of universities released by the Times Higher Education has placed the University of Ibadan in Oyo state at number 801 among the best 978 in the world.

The university was the only one in Nigeria that made the list.

University of Ibadan is now among the best 1000 in the world
Prior to this time, no Nigerian university made the list of the best 1000 and the argument majorly was that the tertiary institutions in the country were lacking in quality research.

The University of Oxford topped the rankings in the 12-year history

“It knocks the five-time leader, the California Institute of Technology, into second place in the World University Rankings 2016-2017,” the report said, adding that “Oxford’s success can be attributed to improved performances across the four main indicators underlying the methodology of the ranking – teaching, research, citations and international outlook.

“More specifically the institution’s total income and research income is rising faster than its staff numbers, its research is more influential, and it has been more successful at drawing in international talent.”

The report showed that two new Asian universities make the top 100 (Chinese University of Hong Kong and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

The City University of Hong Kong, University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University also joined the first 200.
We hope to get better results from others Nigeria University’s as time goes on

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