How to build a successful relationship.

A successful relationship is not just found, it is created! It’s Just like a very perfect movie, where a lot of work and effort goes on behind the cameras.

 It’s necessary to master the important attributes that can spice up your  relationship
1. Communication. The importance of communication  can not be over emphasized. It is necessary to know the day to day events in the life of your partner. This will pass the message that you really care. Create a friendly atmosphere so ur partner will never be scared of telling you some of their top secrets. This acts as a bond that strengthens your union.
2. Set your relationship goals. Discuss with your partner the rules that should guild your union. What to avoid and what to do most to enjoy an enviable relationship. Just as compass helps in finding direction. The goals u set up, helps in redirecting a derailing partner.
3. Review your goals, maybe at every month end. It will help to rate your relationship to know how well it’s going. When the rules are practiced over a period of time, it unavoidably becomes part of you. A lawless relationship will eventually head to the rocks.
4. Don’t ever stop saying ‘I love you”. and “thank you”…
“I love you” does not have an over dose! Say it as often as you can because it passes a very huge message across. Also appreciate and praise your partner for every little effort they put to make you happy.
5.aknowledge it when you are at fault : Nagging kills relationships. It can make the partners avoid themselves.

Since an hour can not pass peacefully without issues springing up. Don’t ever fail to say am sorry when you are at fault,  and if you value your relationship.
6. Nobody is perfect: don’t expect your partner to be as innocent as Jesus Christ. No matter how good you think they are, they can always derail  so don’t make forgiveness a difficult task.
7. Avoid the temptation of comparing your partner with anyone, because that is when faults will start arising. But you should help them become the type of person you want them to be. For instance they lack good fashion sense, you can buy the attractive cloths of your choice for them to make them meet up with ur standards.
8. Respect: respect the person you have chosen to love. It doesn’t matter who is the man or woman here. Respect should be reciprocated. Nothing unites a relationship more as when you both have the habit of Talking politely to each other even on tense situations where anger can not be avoided.
9. Support each other: both spiritually and physically try to be a shoulder where your partner can always lean on. Every one needs comfort at some point in our lives. And when an outsider is the one providing this comfort to your partner, trust me they will always run run up to them. And that would be a big minus to your relationship.

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