This little boy’s hands and feet are turning into trees.

 Sarker has actually passed through a lot of pain in his life even at a very young age of 7. Suffering from a rare skin disease caused by human  papillomaviruses.

 this is an uncommon infection which results in the growth of scaly warts in the affected areas . with the rare disease growing up at his hands and feet it has left  Sarker very uncomfortable and he always find it  difficult eating by himself or walking. The boy from Bangladeshi was said to have been first affected by the disease at the tender age of  only 3 months!

But the high rate of poverty in his  family has left his parents with no other option than to watch him suffer at home without providing any reasonable medical help. Until this August,
When he was finally  admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for treatment for the first time.
Though the case has been extreme but the doctors there are positive that he can still  be operated upon. therefore his recovery is not impossible!

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