Shehu-Garba: “The president must be having a good time now over this dog issue, cos he actually loves caricature.

The case of the man who named his dog Buhari has gone viral in the social medias. And many giving their different opinions on the issue.

The senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, Shehu Garba while giving a glue on how the President must be feeling now over the dog issue  posted this on his facebook page
‘I am thinking of saying, using my own handle that people linking the President to this dog incident are just displaying their ignorance of the type of person he is. He enjoys cartoons and likes sharing them. The ones he enjoys the most are those that caricature him. It is cheap and sensational to say he can order a police action against a caricature. When he picks a paper, the first page he reaches for is the cartoon page. He laughs and laughs. The President must be having a good laugh over this whole thing. People should listen to the real story behind this dog incident and to not waste precious time seeking the hand of the President in a laughable incident!’

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