Must Read!: how unnecessary worries make people age fast: Betty Irabor

There’s a quote that “thinking is a total waste of time, cause it only steals away your joy and keep you busy doing nothing!
Betty Irabor, the CEO and editor in chief of the fashion and lifestyle publication, Genevieve magazine, agreed to this as she  took to her Instagram page to share this write-up. Which she
 Titled Anti-ageing of the mind,

She wrote:

“At what age should women begin the onslaught against ageing? What really does anti-ageing mean? Is it the same as ageing gracefully? The most used and (abused) tag line in beauty products promotion now is Anti-ageing. Beauty products are all about anti ageing. Oh, I have a few of those products on my dresser.
Once upon a time, I was also a beauty product junkie until I learnt a few things about living right.Anti-ageing shld begin with de-clogging the body and the mind from years of grime instead of covering it up with creams and makeup. Regular detox and cleansing and healthy eating cannot be ruled out when talking anti ageing.
Good health and lifestyle devoid of toxicity and positive thinking must be in the equation. Some of the bad choices we make in life can age us faster than calendar years. Finding work/ life balance and not burning ourselves out count a lot. Nothing ages a woman faster than poor mental health. Feed your mind only positive thoughts, don’t stay in a bad relationship or marriage that feeds you poison. Don’t pretend to be happy, be happy. Find joy in life’s gifts.
Be thankful, be grateful. As you take care of your skin to prevent it from premature ageing never forget to feed your mind with anti ageing nutrition as well. Thoughts become things. Take your mind out for a walk. Don’t mourn bad decisions rather learn from them. Don’t carry burdens that are are unnecessary. Forgive, don’t remain bitter. Bitterness is toxic and it ages the mind #wellbeing”

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