Meet the man who walked the street carrying Cross like Jesus Christ.

Wonders shall never end. The city of perm in central Russia’s  perm Krai region where shocked to see a man discovered to be an artist, walking along the streets with a huge wooden cross on his back, imitating Jesus Christ. he was wearing a white robe, bare footed and with beards all over his face trying so hard to look like the Savior.

The  23 year old man,  Novikov was arrested after some people saw him and immediately called the police.
Mr Novikov said:
“My friend gave me some wooden sticks so I made a cross out of them. The experience of Jesus Christ was repeated. People were laughing, shouting and mocking me.
‘This reaction proves that the Bible story was true and that after 2,000 years people have still not changed – we are still cruel and intolerant to our neighbours.”
Though this action has been condemned because it was perceived as blasphemy and causing of traffic hazard, Mr Novikov was Later released after the interrogation.

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