Man gave false accusations that made his best friend spend 28Years in prison. now he comes out to confess.

This is the hight of betrayal, between two childhood friends. Johnny small and Bollinger. Johnny has spent almost 3 decades in prison for a crime he was accused of by his childhood friend. the most painful part of it was when Bollinger came out to confess before the court that Johnny never committed the crime he accused him of 28 years ago. Johnny couldn’t just hold back the tears!!

 It all happened in 1988 when a 32 year old woman was murdered in her store,  the actual killers were unknown. amid series of investigations. because of the seriousness of the case $5000 was tagged to be given to any one who could give useful information about the murderer.
A detector threatened Johnny’s friend to lie that he committed the crime. Because of that
Johnny small was arrested and convicted for the murder when he was 15, yet till date he maintains his innocence!

According to him it was like living in a hell on earth, watching his life fade away right before him and also losing his mother in the process really makes him think about commiting suicid, he said:
“I used to sit out in that yard, looking at that fence, just thinking of just climbing on up and making them shoot me off it,” he said,

Bollinger, the childhood friend has lived with this lie for 28years and is probably tired of it. He spoke to the hearing of the court and to the shock of everyone else that the initial statement he gave which landed johnny to prison was all lies. According to him he was actually coached and given the exact words to say

“There is more than a reasonable possibility that had Bollinger’s testimony not been admitted at Small’s trial, a different result would have been reached,” the motion filed by Small’s attorney stated.
” Bollinger said on Monday at the court hearing. I lied on him,” Bollinger said, “(The investigator) told me, if I didn’t say (that Small did it), he was going to prosecute me for murder, and I would get the death penalty.”
“I’m sorry. I was forced to do something I didn’t want to do and I can’t take it back,” Bollinger said,
Through out this confession, tears of pains and betrayal couldn’t just stop rolling down from Johnny’s eyes.
The hearing is adjourned till next week.

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