Man arrested for the second time, for naming dog Buhari.

Joe Chinakwe, the man who named his dog buhari was first arrested after his neighbour  reported him to the police,

 claiming Joe named the dog after the name of his father Alhaji Buhari. Nevertheless, he was later released but according to reports he has been rearrested by the Ogun state police command. On the bases that his action is capable of causing serious  crisis in the country . therefore he will be arraigned in court on Monday.
He said,
“The man is here with us. He is at the Criminal Investigation Department. The charge will be prepared here and he will be arraigned at Sango Magistrate Court on Monday.
He is going to court on Monday because what he did was highly provocative. It can cause an ethnic and religious crisis. We have to be proactive, we cannot fold our arms and allow the state to be plunged into crisis. In fact, the arrest was made to save the suspect’s life because the complainant and his group have threatened to kill him if he comes back and this may trigger violence.”

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