Jaji community in Kaduna is fast becoming deathtrap. as it continues re

The roads in kaduna probably needs to be looked into, as it continues recording cases of accident within short periods of time

 This week a luxurious bus belonging to G.U.O company, perceived to be coming from Lagos ended up crashing at one of the communities in the state, Jaji community to be precise.
Confirming the report, a resident of the community disclosed:
“Jaji is fast becoming deathtrap with accidents on daily basis claiming lives. The Jaji community woke up to witness another gory accident in which a Luxurious Bus, (apparently from Lagos to Kano) rammed into side shops. Fortnight ago, there was accident there which caused lives and created traffic gridlock for almost 12 hours. Last week, there was another accident again directly adjacent to Jaji Military Cantonment”

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