How a cancer patient was beaten to death in the hospital!

This is simply outrageous!  As the mother of the victim could not just stop lamenting on the great lost.

46 year old Shannon Vincel was beaten to death by an unknown man within the hospital grounds in Zion Illinois for no reason at all.
The incident happened around 9pm while Shannon and another patient were waiting for shuttle to pick them from the hospital where they went for treatment. An unknown man came out from behind and started beating Shannon until she gave up the ghost. Everyone was shocked how this could have happened without any link of who the suspect is. The hospital had taken extra measure to increase and tighten the security of the hospital in oder to prevent this from repeating again. In addition to this the Cancer Treatment Center of America St Louis where said to be giving away $25,000 to anyone with a reasonable information about the suspect.

Vincel’s mother, Anita Adams said:
“She was just sitting there waiting for the shuttle to pick her up and take her to treatment. Why would anyone just walk up and beat a girl from behind without warning and just beat her to death, why?”
Her mum added:
“She was a gentle loving, sweet girl, and she would’ve never hurt anybody,”.
“He was just pure evil. So It would be wonderful to get this – I can’t even call him a person. I don’t know what I can call him. If that thing were off the streets. Because no one is safe with people like that out walking around.”

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