Hospital forces man to carry his dead wife home on his head without the help of an ambulance.

OMG!  This is simply outrageous! An Indian hospital forces a man to carry her wife’s copse because he couldn’t afford to pay for an ambulance.

42 year old Dana Mahji, has taken his wife to the hospital because she was suffering from tuberculosis. but unfortunately he lost her to the ailment.  the poor man was unable to pay for other requirements at the hospital including the ambulance that should be used to drive the copse home. But the hospital officials, not willing to “tamper  justice with mercy” asked him to carry his dead wife home on his head, since he can’t afford an ambulance.
Dana walked 9.942 miles on foot while carrying the copse and accompanied by his daughter, until the attitude of  some concerned onlookers got to the hospital officials which  forced them to eventually release an ambulance to help the man.

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