Heartless man murders girlfriend, claims he did it “For the fun of it “

Devil in human form! police has arrested 22 year old Oweniwe Chukwudi who murdered his girlfriend after he tricked her into the bush.

The suspect, a student of Rufus Giwa polytechnic, Owo ondo state was said to have killed his girlfriend, Adeyeye Nifemi who was also a student of the school, by taking her into the bush were he first tried to kill her. But Unknown to him she was still alive until he came back the next time probably to cut out some of her body parts, discovered her alive there he attempted two more times by smashing her head with stones until she eventually gave up the ghost.
According to the police chukwudi committed the murder for ritual purpose.
Speaking on the incident, the 22 year old suspect said:

“I did not remove any part of her body; I only killed her for the fun of it. I made love with her in the bush before killing her. I am not a cultist. It was when I killed her that I realised I made a big mistake and I wept bitterly”
The most annoying part of this, is that he claims to have committed the crime just for the fun of it.! He would be charged to court after more investigations are conducted.

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