Access Bank plc surprises it’s staff with an increase in salary

At this time When many are complaining about the hardship in the country. Many has even lost their jobs due to the level of economic meltdown but the
Opposite was the case

yesterday, Monday 22th August at Access Bank Plc. the group of staff were greeted with a pleasant and  unsuspecting Change in their salaries.

The Bank’s leadership, headed by Herbert Wigwe, caused  merriment in the bank, as an increase in their salaries was announced, none of them saw this coming
 this report was confirmed by the works there. One of them while expressing profound gratitude said: “I am speechless. I don’t think anyone saw this coming, this is happening at a time when my friends in other banks are losing their jobs. It feels great to be supported in such trying times. Thank you Uncle Herbie”

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