A ghastly motor accident that miraculously left everyone unhurt. in Anambra state.

The incident that happened yesterday will not be easily forgotten by many who are affected in one way or the other.
It was a case of multiple accident As a Luxurious bus driving from Benue state failed brake!

It was such a horrible sight as the bus clears through other cars while trying to hold itself.
It all happened along Zik Avenue, Awka in Anambra state.
It cleared up any available thing on the road from Nkwo Awka through Ziks Avenue to Nipost office Awka. But the amazing thing was that no life was lost. The injured persons have been taken to different  hospitals.
 not less than  twelve cars, fifteen tricycles, street lights, among others were destroyed in the crash.
But since there is life there is hope.

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