Truly, Giants once lived on earth. check out these pics.

Giants! Through the enlightenments from the Bible and scientific Researches  We have heard, read, and even watched movies about them. But obviously not all of us believed they once existed on earth.

But the amazing truth according to scientific evidence is that they actually existed and their pictures where shocking. With over 200 skeletons discovered in Africa and
Buried in the Sahara these skeletons had the average height of 2 meters. While those discovered in China where a bit bigger with the average height of 3meters  and weight of 300+kg.
These giants made significant impact when they existed on earth some 5000 years ago. Like  putting up of very tall buildings such as Egyptian pyramid during the days of pheroah.

These particular giant’s leg was 1.2 meters while his whole body length is estimated to be 5meters long.

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