Senator Dino claims he threatened to beat and impregnate Tinubu’s wife cause she called him a dog.

The actions of Senator Dino had been seriously condemned.
He had reportedly threatened the wife of APC National leader, Bola Ahmed  Tinubu that he would beat her up and rape her too.

NGO warned him to apologize to her before three days time. But the senator in a bid to defend himself said:
“ At the Executive session, an issue generated controversy and while contributing, Senator Remi suddenly stood up and called me a dog and a thug, of course, I had to react. How could I have said I will beat & impregnate her at the same time, ” he said.
Speaking further, Melaye said, “ You can recall that I am no coward. I have always been like this and I do not speak my mind through proxies and that was the reason I took to streets whenever the need arose, particular in defense of democracy.”
But he maintained he never used such abusive word against senator Remi.

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