Read why Ebube Nwagbo fires back at a fan who called her ugly

Actress Ebube Nwagbo took to Instagram to share her throwback photo she took with her friends back in the days.

But an IG troll instead of complimenting the picture or totally keeping quite, rather  told the actress this hurtful words:

You where sweeter than you are now, but now fashion has made you slim and ugly.”
Ebube didn’t take this words lightly especially the part that calls her ugly. She fired back:
“dear madam, you have no right to call me or anybody created by God ugly. No I am not skinny!! I am not ugly!!  It’s called growing up and living a healthy lifestyle.. If you choose to be fat, it’s your choice and not my damn business! So back off.”

Does she truly look ugly and slim?  You can be the judge here.

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