Read the shocking story of a HIV positive man who is hired to sleep with girls and women.

A Malawian man, Aric Avina discloses he has been hired by his community in southern Malawi  and receives payment of between $4 to $7 as the one to cleanse women or girls through having a carnal knowledge of them. The responsibility has earned him the title “hyena”

 He says. it’s a culture there. any woman whose husband dies, before he will be buried the wife must first  come to him, to sleep with them. Also all the  girls after their first menstruation should also come to have sex with him which means that they are being “cleansed” as their tradition says. if not something bad may befall the entire community.
According to Avina he actually enjoys it. Especially with that of young girls. Even though he is HIV positive, he claims apart from his two wives, no one else knows about the status.
What do you think about the  culture?

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