Read how Selena Gomez broke world record on instagram.

Selena had broken world record in her  instagram page, with the picture that keeps attracting a lot of attention. Yesterday 13 July Gomez got a whopping number of 4.3 million likes from a simple  picture of hers sipping a bottle of coca-cola.

She previously had the highest liked picture on instagram but this time around this amazing number of 4.3 million has outweighed the former number, though this achievement wasn’t in any of the Billboard charts.
The Popular actress and pop singer posted the picture, which when viewed closely reveals the lyrics of one of her songs.

Using this “much liked” public figure to advertise Coca Cola is really a smart idea, though she has not been the only one, as the company had used  the likes of Taylor Swift, Queen, DJ Khaled, and many others. In the company’s latest promotional campaign  titled “share a coke and a song” though the company is spending a fortune to sponsor this but they are actually gaining much more. With the amazing outburst of people liking this photo of Selena,  it will surely result to a good market for the company and a great reward for the pop star.

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