OMG! read why a family feeds their day old baby to a dog.

This is really shocking. A family in one village in kastina state conspired after a brief meeting to get rid of their unwanted baby from their unmarried 15 year old girl who was a victim of rape.

According to them the birth of the child will bring shame to the family and to prevent this they concluded that the best way out is to feed the day old baby to the dog as a meal!!!!!
The 15 year old girl Wosila was reportedly raped by a 27 year old farmer. The family has been so ashamed of this act. And desperately wanted to cover it up. but it has landed them in the police net.

The Kastina State Police Command is currently working on the case and has taken the culprits into their custody
They have been brought before a Kastina Magistrate Court on three counts of culpable homicide, criminal conspiracy and rape.

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