Nigerian singer who looks exactly like Rhianna finally speaks up.

Lucy is the 22 year old singer, currently signed in to the rudeboy record label owned by Peter okoye of psquare. Lately the singer has been in the news with people telling her everyday how much she looks like Rhianna, both facially and in body stature.

But Lucy thought  otherwise she said she sees her self in the mirror and not Rhianna and  she never shaped her voice or body to look like her but was totally the work of nature. She took to Instagram to write:
 “I didn’t create myself to look like her, and if people say that I look and sound like her, well I think it’s a compliment because Rihana is an international star. But honestly, I’m not trying to sound like her. I just do my own thing. Anytime I look at the mirror, I see Lucy, not Rihana. If my fans insist that I look like her, then I think it’s a plus. ” 

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