Muhammad Ali being remembered as the greatest, read the emotional tributes.

Years back before the death of the celebrated boxer. He once said ” I already know am the greatest even before people tell me that”

In the 2016 ESPY Awards, during the Wednesday night’s telecast at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. the popular and highly talented boxer was honoured as the greatest boxer. He truly deserves the title.
 He also received a musical tribute from Chance the Rapper and some touching words from close friend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar .
The basketball star  flashed back at the very first time he met Ali  on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles where he was performing “magic tricks” for strangers walking by. He said:
“I think that encounter epitomized everything that made Ali, at that point in time, the most famous man in the world,” he

explained to the crowd that included Muhammad’s family. “His showmanship. His ubiquitousness. It just seemed like he was everywhere. And most of all, his magic.”

“That ability to make the impossible seem real. Every athlete handles fame in their own way,” he said. “Some people revel in it. Some people aren’t so comfortable with it. Muhammad Ali used it to speak his mind.”
Kareem told the crowd.
“We’re never going to see his likes again walking down the street,” he explained. “But I hope his death spurs his successors to remember what truly made him the greatest.”
Indeed he deserves the honour and actually impacted on humanity. May his soul rest in peace. 

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