Kylie Jenner fires mum as her manager following her reconciliation with Tyga. Read why.

 Kris Jenner had been Kylie Jenner’s manager but latest  Reports revealed that the Reality TV star Kylie Jenner is considering getting a new management, because she has already fired her mum, Kris . Her reason was that she doesn’t feel close to Kris anymore. She feels like she is no longer important  to her right now. especially when Kris went ahead to help Rob and Blac set up a spin off show for Rob and blac.
Kylie had always dreamt of owning that, but she never got it from her. Now she feels cheated and really bad.
All these heat up between Kris and Kylie  started when Kylie reconciled with boyfriend tyga. in fact they are even about moving into the same house soon.

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