How my time deceived me to go to morning mass by 2am.

My phone played a prank on me, today 24 July. I woke up this Sunday morning around 2am to prepare and start going to church, yes you heard it right 2am.!

  It all started last night when I woke up to urinate, suddenly my phone fell on the floor, i picked it up, put back the battery and switched it on….without noticing the change in my time. I never knew my time reset and now incorrect. It  became four hours early!!
After i went back to sleep moments letter i woke up, my time was showing 6am ,(i never knew the correct time was 2am!) i rushed into the bathroom and hurriedly took my bath i never wanted to Miss the 6 o’clock mass, my roommates were fast asleep. I ignored them, cos they are not always serious with anything pertaining to church. I was singing joyfully, while preparing.
After dressing up i rushed out and started trekking down to church (it’s actually  trekable)  i never saw a single soul on the way while going, everywhere was not so bright, but I thought it was normal and soon the darkness will clear out. I was seriously walking and humming my favorite choir song while walking majestically. Also waiting for when the day will becom brighter, probably before I will get to the church. ..up till that moment I never new my time was deceiving me, instead I was actually feeling good that i would be early and sit at the front row during mass. When I eventually got there i saw a church worker who  slept inside the church, he was shocked to see me dressed up  to church at that hour of the day. I told him of course I came for mass, but he looked at me like i was sick in the head. When he showed me the time, to say i was speechless is an understatement.

No wonder I never saw anybody on my way!!. I had to stay extra hours waiting for day to break so I can finally attend the mass.
When I went back home after the mass, my roommates were already searching for me, then I narrated everything that happened,  to them, but for more than one hour  they did not Stopped laughing at me. Was that my fault?

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