Halima Abubakar: Buhari should stop saying he understands how we feel. ….

The Champaign slogan used by  the president to win election has been queried seriously. The effectiveness of the Change slogan is what people are struggling to understand.
Popular nollywood actress helima Abubaka is not left out as she  disclossed how hard the economy had been on her, since the inception of this current administration.
She explains that she has been working but the president is making her efforts to make little or no impact as the economic meltdown in the country had not been fair to her at all especially as a young CEO who had a lot of responsibilities and mouths to feed. According to her:
“ This is one of the most incredible years of my life as an adult. I have not been complaining. When I complain, then there is a problem. I really complained in the past one year. As a young chief executive officer (CEO), it has been incredibly hard. And for a young lady who has a lot of responsibilities, massive responsibilities for that matter, you will agree with me it can’t be that easy.
Buhari please, make things happen for us so that other people can eat. As for me, I can eat. But then, will I say I won’t give another person food? Let’s be realistic about it. Buhari should stop saying he understands how we feel. He doesn’t understand how we feel at all. No one can understand how you feel more than yourself.
There’re so many people who go home hungry, and they don’t know what they will eat the following day. But he keeps flying up and down and keeps saying he understands how we feel. The change we voted for, where is it? We need Nigeria stabilized. ”she said.

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