Chinese woman carried boyfriend across a flooded area to save his shoes.

This picture of a woman carrying her boyfriend on her back has gone viral in the social medias.
The woman while passing through a flooded area with her boyfriend who was wearing   leather shoes doesn’t want the shoes soaked in water. she volunteered to carry the boyfriend across. her reason was because she doesn’t want him to lose his expensive shoes.

She  told Chinese media: ‘I am wearing sandals so it doesn’t matter that I cross the waterlogged area. He was wearing leather shoes which have to be washed laboriously [if they are soaked]. So it was easier that I carry him to cross the water.’ hmm this one is “Love made in China ” but surely the guy doesn’t know how to treat a woman, cause if he does, he would have removed the “costly” shoes and even carried the woman across. What do you think?

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