99 days for the thief but one day for the owner. Read what happened to this thief.

This popular adage that says ” 99 days is for the thief but one day is for the owner”  came to reality today  in the life of  one man caught stealing motorcycle
The young man was caught up by security vigilante and community youths today for conspiring with his friend to
Commit the crime. They brutally beat the owner to the extent that he lost his sight.

They where said to have picked the  commercial motorcycle rider from Okigwe to Isuikwuato via Ezinachi road to Ndi Ubi farm settlement where he was mercilessly beaten up while making away with his bike. A source said:
“A man saw them while they were taking off with the bike and called for reinforcement. The villages and vigilante now laid siege, on sighting the villagers, the thieves abandoned the bike and ran into the bush. Unluckily for the apprehended one, he strolled into the trap of the vigilantes who were still waiting all night for them to come out of the bush this morning. We gathered that this apprehended thief has already been killed and burnt by Okigwe people who came to Isuikwuato and picked him up.” you can always trust okigwe people on this.

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