what Cynthia Morgan said about getting pregnant for Jude okoye of psquare.

Controversial reggae singer Cynthia Morgan was open enough, expressing her self in a number of interesting matters she talked about.

During the recent interview with her it was interesting hearing her heart felt opinion on a wide range of issues.

The Reggae singer was able to talk about her relationship with Jude okoye of psqare, The rumor relating to her getting pregnant for the celebrated singer, her choice of lifestyle, and many more.

The German Juice singer also spoke on plans to drop an album in 2016.

singer Cynthia Morgan was the guest on a recent episode of Da Chat with Zinia on HFTv Africa there  she was very frank and indeed opened up on a range of matters regarding her personal life and how she chooses to handle them.

The controversial singer spoke on the allegations she had received concerning  her fake boobs, her ‘foreign’ accent, relationship with P-Square and more.
On her genre, Cynthia Morgan says it’s the fusion of a whole lot and she calls it “The god Mother Sounds”.

Speaking about what the real her behind the camera looks like, the
Controversial Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan
On her ‘bad girl’ persona, says it’s all about the arts and she is ‘bad’ at her job, but isn’t necessarily a bad person in real life as she has a good heart.

While speaking on the issue she said:  “Cynthia Morgan is an artiste that [stands for] different [things] .
“I don’t wanna be like any other person, I don’t wanna sound like any other person, I don’t wanna be confused [ for someone else] , you know.” This was really inspiring as she believes in her self instead of imitating others.

She also speaks about doing her things in her own way in a bid to stand out from the crowd, in which her red her and attitude towards life are all evidence to this statement. She has actually grown thick skin for the people who constantly criticize her online
She also opened up on writing music based on her personal experiences, her environment.

On her nude images which has circulated on the social media, she said she just likes to do her thing and is natural regardless of how people see things and how differently her acts are analyzed.
Speaking also about her plan to drop her album she said,  The plans to drop her album is slated to be in August 2016 as materials are almost fully prepared.
The album,  according to her “will contain 25 songs, with something new, something that’s never happened In Africa”.
She also spoke on the issues between Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye.

The singer praised p-Square and called them ‘her mentors’
According to her Jude Okoye has helped her career bloom.

While addressing the rumours of being pregnant for Jude Okoye she denied it saying such thing never happened.

The Reggae ssinger is pictureed above carrying a baby, with her outstanding hair. And a stick of cigarette

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