Terry G slaps one of DJ Jimmy Jatts boys on stage.

Maturity they say, is not about the number of years in ones life but how he or she is able to handle their problems without necessarily making it known to the public.
Popular Nigerian music artist Terry G had taken the wrong step by letting his anger take the greater hold of him.

One of DJ Jimmy jatts boys was slaped on stage during a comedy show in Lagos.
The comedian, M C bash staged his first comedy show in Lagos, little did he expect such a big surprise waiting for him on his very first comedy show. it was shocking and shameful for the popular and talented music star Terry G to display such act on stage.

During the show titled “D good D bash and D funny”which took place in the Shell Hall, muson center, onikan Lagos, on Sunday June 5. At the beginning of the show the atmosphere seemed calm and everything happening  in normal order.
 The show was graced with many popular artists including Lil kesh, Jawon, Terry
Akpala,  9ice, and many others were present at the show.
Also some comedians such Seyi Law, Ali baba, Akpororo, Gordons, and Buchi. They spiced up the show making people laugh with excitement.

It all started when it was time for

 Terry G to  perform on stage, he came up with his  stage craft and his bell while everyone was happy  dancing to his song. Little did they things will take a wrong twist soon. It all happened when it was time for the popular singer to leave the stage but he shut the DJ up and told him to play him another song which he humbly obeyed but when he was taking too much time on stage, the DJ changed the song and Terry got angry. At first people  thought he was going off stage, but he left everyone surprised and shocked when he walked up to the DJ and gave him a very hot slap.

Everybody frowned at this auction and unhealthy attitude he displayed.  DJ Jimmy Jatt was very angry as he stood up from the audience, and walked up to the stage were told his boys to pack up all the equipment as they left the show. Leaving the show, Another DJ had to round up things.

People outrightly criticized this action which was totally uncalled for

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