Singer African China speaks on financial security.

Moving from grass to grace is much desirable and many people’s dream but to move from grace to grass is more like a deadly course in ones life. Many are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their financial securities.
There are many Nigerian celebrities that has faded and are totally forgotten probably because they did not keep the ball rolling. Some can barely feed now while struggling to patch up life.
African China obviously does not want to be one of them. For long the musician has not been in the screen. He seemed to be out of the industry for a very long time now, with nothing being heard of him.
The singer recently revealed that contrary to what people think, he is still very much active and relevant in the industry.

The singer cum intrepreneur disclosed that aside music he had to plan the other areas of his life in preparation for the rainy day.
He opens up on his achievements so far, the singer revealed he owns a hairdressing salon, a record label, a sound equipment rental business and a boutique.
Its very clear and cool he he planned for a rainy day.
According to him: “By opening a hairdressing salon, what I have done is invest for a rainy day. If you check properly, you would realize that some of those who began their careers about the same time I started mine are now broke. Today, a lot of them cannot feed themselves and their dependents. My space is there; I can come and take it anytime. I will always be relevant, I will continue to do my thing.”
Congrats to him on his achievements. He who falls to plan plans to fail. The singer obviously isn’t planning to fail and doesn’t want to end up like some of the musicians that started with him way back in the days but are no where to be found now

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