Seyi Law engages in an online war with fan, for wearing a wristwatch on both hands.

Celebrities these days are no longer hiding their feelings just to protect their good  names, and in the end suffer in silence.
Lately, a good number of them could not condol the harsh attitude their fans exhibits.

Just recently a fan called Kate henshewy the most ugly woman on earth. This, she did not take lightly as she blasted back at the fan.
Today the popular comedian Seyi Law posted a picture of himself wearing a wrist watch on each of the hands ,
The picture in which he posted on his Instagram page was from an event he attended earlier on.

The picture had some of his fans commenting on his fashion sense.
A particular fan personally took out time to “educate the comedian “
He bluntly  said:
“Wisdom is knowing that a wrist watch is to check time while knowledge is knowing you don’t have to wear two cus just one can do it.. bro you dun pass this level” he stated. But Seyi Law felt bad about that comment from the fan. And obviously didn’t hid his feelings, when he responded back :
“Since you, @cyrusarigo lack the wisdom to know that respect is reciprocal and that there is what we call statement making for entertainers and branding, you may as well come for tutorial. Idiot. Because I get you opportunity to comment on my page. Your father”
Who should be put to blame here? The fan or Seyi Law.

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