meet the extravagant woman who puts her partner on sex ban if he doesn’t provide her money to lavish on her self.

Meet the 30 year old woman who reportedly says she wouldon’t mind  keeping her partner on sex ban if he refuses to give her money to lavish on her self.
The 30 year old lady, simply known as Janey is a highly materialistic person, and she doesn’t mind letting the public know about it.
She lavishes her partner’s money on surgery, designer clothes, expensive shoes and Many more.

She reportedly threatens to put fiance on a three-week sex ban if he refuses to comply with the conditions she has given him. Which includes getting her a Range Rover car worth £70,000 plus thousands to be spent on her plastic surgery.

She excitedly explained that almost all her extravagant lifestyle is totally funded by her “loving partner “
 Her partner of five years, Ross has been spending extravagantly since he met her and Janey is very proud of this. According to her :

“He knows not to say no. I will quite happily put him on a sex ban for one to three weeks which I have done in the past,” she proudly says. Bragging about how the power of a woman has been helping her in getting what ever she wants from Ross, She added :
“The power of a woman’s private parts is amazing to get what you want off men.” Just few months ago she made him spend on her so much which includes making Ross buy her about 100 pairs of shoes and also spending on her cosmetic treatments worth £5,000.

She added: “Ross has always given me an allowance, it started at £60 a month. Last month I spent £3,000.” revealing more, she says she love being a “kept woman” and knows exactly what she wants. But her partner Ross is seeing things in a different perspective. According to him he feels  that Janey doesn’t understand one day the whole money could all be gone.

Speaking about her surgery plans, Janey revealed she wants a tummy tuck, a bigger bum, and “perky boobs”.
She said : “I want a ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ where they suck fat out of wherever you want and inject it into your bum, so it is recycling which is a good thing.” the amount for the the surgery will worth £7,000 and the surgery on her bum around the same. Before this would be achieved she would have to lose a stone and half in weight
After all this Ross admites he is really disturbed and sincerely wishes Janey can slow down with this type of lifestyle.

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