JAMB validity may soon be elongated to 3years.

Over the years JAMB had maintained a one year validity of its result. Unlike some other exams that doesn’t put it’s participants in a hurry to use the result.

This has obviously affected the lives of a good percentage of the countrys population. Many times students are faced with the problem of passing JAMB and having a very good  mark in a particular year but unfortunately fails their WAEC, NECO or GCE, as the case may be in that same year.  And in the upcoming year the student may excel in WAEC but fails this time in JAMB. This has been a general problem and in a bid to ratify this public menace, a Bill was currently being sponsored by senator Joshua Lidani.
The sole purpose of this Bill is to elongate the validity of results from the joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) to three years. This new change will shift the results from one which it is presently standing to three years. this Bill is progressing as it was reported to have passed the first and second reading in the senate.

Opinions were sorted for. The president of the senate saw the need for the bill while some members  felt it would only cause confusion in the education sector.

During the deliberations on the bill, Senator Sam Egwu said he supports the bill but that the extension of the JAMB results to three years will cause more confusion as most of the Universities, particularly the government owned schools, have limited space.
Senate President Bukola Saraki spoke in favor of the bill. The senators later voted in support of the bill and then forwarded it to the senate tertiary education and TET Fund committee for further legislative.

This Bill is still passing through the necessary processes of becbecoming a law in the country. And when it will be ready, hopefully it would be in the students favour.

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