if you are hating and beefing me, you are wasting your time, Kcee warns former group mate Presh.

Nigerian singer and Limpopo master, kcee openly tells his former group mate Presh to quit hating him and invest his time in something positive so he can have his own success. it could be recalled that years ago when the two were still together they
won the maiden edition of Star Quest and made an impact in the Nigerian music scene. But the durability of their union did not last the test of time as  In 2011 the two parted ways to pursue solo careers, while the industry has favoured Kcee,  Presh has sort of faded away with little or nothing being heard of him in a long while.
 the Limpopo master personaly took out time to advice his erstwhile partner on things to do in order to progress, and one of them was that he should stop beefing, and  hating him cause it’s only a waste of time but rather he should concentrate on possitve things which will help him attain success.

 his adivice:
Presh’s story is deep and emotional. It is long and I might not want to go too deep into it. I would just say that whatever that is happening to him is where he wants to be. He can’t get out of where he is. There is no way you can eat your cake and have it. It’s a proverb. I think he needs to see everybody around him as his brother. If you are hating, beefing, you are wasting your time. Invest that time into something positive, that is just the message.
He is my friend. If I tell you how I met him and how we started the group till we got to where we got to, it will take time. One thing I know for sure is that God will always pay you good for good. It might take time. Most of my peers that we started music with, I cannot even remember them because they are no more in the scene. I am not saying it because I have more talent than them but I think the little thing I’m doing, God is just blessing me. Presh needs to retrace his steps, pray to God, maybe he will get success.

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