“I prefer having sex with a friend to a lover ” Gussy baby.

What many African girls would love to keep as part of their secret life was openly disclosed by Gussy baby who was  rather insensitive to the people’s opinions whatsoever.

The singer took part in the MTN project fame but got evicted sometime ago. Popularly known as Gussy baby, the fast rising Nigerian singer revealed why it is better to have sex with a friend than a lover.

She opened up that she had once had sex with her childhood friend

One time Nigerian Project Fame Season 9 participant, Mabel Green popularly known as Gussy Baby is one of Nigeria’s fast rising singing sensation. Considering her talent, voice, confidence and other qualities   Gussy will have a good stay in the industry.

In a recent interview with the budding singer she was able to open up on her music career and her love life but  she placed more attention on why it is better to have sex with your childhood friend than your lover.

When she was  asked the question about if she would ever find love again and when last she had sex, she boldly replied: “ I have not been in a relationship for two years now and I am happy. I can boldly say I am not dating anybody. I have had sex just two times in two years. It is better to have sex and not be in a relationship than to be in a relationship where you have sex and you end up being heartbroken. That’s bad. The person I had sex with is my childhood friend .”

She must have really been very proud of this childhood friend of hers. She went ahead to speak more on the issues surrounding her love life.
 she disclosed that she has suffered a serious heartbreak from her previous relationship adding that, most guys are satisfied being single and tend to move from one lady to another. though she wouldn’t love to speak on the matters concerning love, but she had this to  Say: “ I don’t love to talk about love. I suffered heartbreak from my last relationship. Most guys are not satisfied with being in a single relationship, so they tend to move from one lady to another. Some men believe we have many ladies around so they want to have a feel of all. For now, I have made up my mind not to love. I am very emotional when it comes to matters of the heart. I am finding it difficult to trust men again .”  according to her, she seems to be having a bad notion about the male folks. Obviously because of her experiences.

When asked about her plans
to promote African culture through her mode of dressing, the talented singer said that she would never reveal any part of her body because the Nigerian culture frowns a lot at indecent dressing including bikinis. According to her : “ I will promote African dressing and our culture. Our culture frowns at indecent dressing. Wearing anything shorter than a bum short is something I don’t want to do. I will only like to flaunt my shoulders and legs. I am not a fan of indecent dressing.”

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