I didn’t steal Flavour away from Stella Okagbue, ex beauty queen Anna Banner cries out.

Anna Banner opens up on the relationship she had with popular muscian flavour and how people are criticizing her,  By calling her a husband snatcher. According to the former beauty queen she never knew Flavour had got Sandra Okagbue pregnant before dating him.
She insists people who doesn’t know her true story has no right to judge her. she said:

“Many have been victims of love and i am sure we all know that when a woman is deeply in love,she believes everything her man tells her. I am not a husband snatcher, i was just naive of a lot of things and everyday i ask God to give me wisdom to see well and make the right choices, “
“I never knew flavour was with another woman while we were dating. We started dating way before ‘Golibe was composed’. He never mentioned/admitted he had any relationship ties with anyone even after rumour had it that he was dating someone else and she was even pregnant for him. I believed him.
I confronted him again when I heard she had put to bed and it seemed true. He accepted after much talk but unfortunately I was already pregnant, never knew I was pregnant until I was one month gone. What was I supposed to do? Take out my precious child? Hell no. I believe God sent her to me for a reason.
So you see, it was never my intention to break anybody’s relationship or come in between two lovers. I just never knew. For those of you out there judging and persecuting me for something you know nothing about ,let me ask,Are you better than i am?Is it okay by God for you to Judge me when he has forgiven me all my sins?.
I made an adult decision at a young age and I am so proud of myself for keeping my baby. People always say I am competing/fighting with someone all because of a man. Really? Thats too much energy. Seeking for a man’s attention is never/ has never been my thing!
People always refer to me as “husband snatcher” but please, that is not the case. ” she explained, while  trying to clear the air about being a husband snatcher. After all they are no longer together.

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