How I worked on accepting my self, however I am: Waje.

Talented Nigerian music star, Waje speaks on alot of issues concerning different areas of life which includes her journey as a  single parent, gender equality bill in the country, her experience in battling health issues among others.

Speaking on her infamous Twitter experience in October 2013, as a result of being seen as “Fat” she said:

“That was after my performance at the Guinness Colourful world event in October 2013. I trended on twitter but not for the right reasons. I did not trend because of my performance, instead I trended because people were uncomfortable with my body size. They had an opinion about how I looked. The things people were comparing me to were hideous.

“Someone took a picture of a remote control and said I looked like that. That made me say to myself, ‘you know what Waje, music isn’t for you’. I had come out with an album, but when that happened, I said you know what, I can’t deal with this. I cried for hours that day at Eko Hotel. And interestingly, I started feeling the way they said I looked. So, I started drinking. I became bitter. I told myself I’m done with music. I’m going to find something else to do. I didn’t eat for days. I became angry with every family member who came to talk to me. I had no reasons to smile or be happy and decided to sign out of all my social media accounts.” speaking on how she eventually accepted her self and moved on, she said :
“I started working with Uzikwendu of Uzi’s Burnout. And Uzi did not just work on my body, he worked on my mind, also. Through that, I separated myself from the negativity and focused on what I wanted to hear. I started to create an environment where the only thing I heard about myself is positive and great. So if you are my friend and you don’t compliment me, I’ll never call you. I edited my friendship. I then became more outspoken because initially I used to implode. I started telling it as it is.
“If I don’t like it, I say it. I had to tell myself, you are over thirty, if you don’t start telling people how you feel about their behavior, when will you start? That change made some people uncomfortable but that was the only way I could deal with it. You know, I used to think that my biggest fear in the world was failure, but I got to find out that my biggest fear was validation.
“As an artiste I wanted so much to be accepted. But now, I don’t care. Someone can say I do not like your song and I’ll say thank you; because my brand is not just about putting out good music but selling aspiration to women as well. But it gets difficult sometimes when people tell me that I am not a typical Nigerian woman because I am a single mother. So there are certain things I shouldn’t talk about, because I don’t have authority to talk about it. Even in the corporate world there are some jobs I can’t get because I am not married.” also
On her songs and commercial success, she:
“It is not the number of airplays a song gets that make it commercial or not. Sometimes, people quietly buy songs that appeal or ministers to them without making news of it. That’s why Asa has a market.”
When she was asked on her new album, she said she chose Cobhams to solely produce everything because she would want the sounds to be uniform. Speaking on her working together with music star
Asa for the new album.
She said: “We are working on it. You know [Asa] can be busy, sometimes. I am currently working on an album with Cobhams, only: I chose to work with him alone because I want the songs to marry each other. I don’t want to have different sounds going on.
“I want an album that has symmet. She explained.
Pictured above are waje and her lovely daughter.

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