Bovi: Pastors shouldn’t complain when I charge them for my performances

Yeah all good gifts are given by the Lord and there is obviously no doubt about that. And also those gifts are given for our own benefit, to raise us to a high standard. But whether these gifts should be given in exchange for money when they are displayed in the Lord’s kingdom (church) is were the argument comes in.

Just recently popular Nigerian comedian, Bovi disclosed that Nigerian pastors underrate him all the time because they expect him to do free performances for the Lord.
He revealed this telling the pastors that the decision to collect money or not from any church he performs at is totally his own.
He admitted that he does free stuff, but that’s at his own will and choice. The popular comedian took to snapchat to address pastors who expects him to always perform for free that he would choose his charity.

He wrote, “The worst set of clients to underrate me are church pastors! Don’t get it twisted, I do free stuff.”
“what were u thinking? That I was coming to preach? Entertainment is different. But it’s my preserve to choose when to get paid and when not to. ” he advised them (pastors) to stop showing shock when ever he comes to charge them. Reminding them that after all he was not there to preach but to entertain,  which should earn him his payment except he chooses other wise. He added, “The shock they show when I charge them… I will choose my charity! My charity won’t choose me. ” one striking thing about the comedian is his open minded nature. Always speaking his concerns regardless of peoples opinion. Do you buy the same idea with Bovi?

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