9ice expresses his frustration on APC. says he doesn’t understand the concept of change.

As a country where the freedom of opinion is allowed and given to its citizens. Nigerians had expressed their different minds and feeling towards the incumbent rulling party in the country. The All Progressives Congress, APC, promised change right from the inception of its tenure.

Nigerian popular musician Abolore Alapomeji, known with his stage name as 9ice opens up on how he feels about the party. According to him he is confused about the concept of change by the ruling party APC.
The celebrated music star took to his Instagram to express his
   frustration at the concept of ‘change’ according to him, “I have my own mind and nobody can buy it.

“To me, I don’t understand the change; the change is unclear to everyone right now.
“What change really is would determine the productivity, the end result by 2019 which would be what would justify if that change would continue or not.
“This change to Nigeria right now, nobody understands it. Change to me personally is unclear right now,” he wrote.

It can be recalled that the musician cum politician once contested in the 2015 election under the APC party though he was unable to win, as he lost out during the primaries. But as luck would have it he was afterwards appointed a special adviser to the governor of oyo state.
Well, he has expressed his own opinion as everyone is entitled to his or her own.

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