Seun took to his instagram to apologize to ex wife actress Toyin Aimakhu.

Nollywood investor Seun Egbegbe took to his instagram to apologize to ex wife  actress Toyin Aimakhu. The apology message was shared on his instagram on may 16 2016, in which he apologized  for  ternishing the image of the actress including the inconveniences he had caused her.

he seemed  to be taking back every bad word he had used against his ex wife Toyin.  Seun went on to praise the actress on being among the A_list entertainers. he urged the general public to feel free doing business with her.

after the messy breakup between the former lovebirds which happened early this year. Seun had blasted Toyin publicly on social media about having a high libido and thereby making it difficult for him to satisfy her on bed.  even after using sex enhancers.

As expected, friends from diffrent angles had tried their best in talking the former couple back into their once blisful union. but all of their efforts provide abortive.

The pictures of the ex lovebirds can be seen above when the going was good.

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