Okorocha expresses his satisfaction in buhari’s leadership.

The richest Politician in Nigeria and executive Governor Of imo state, rochas okorocha has made his intention known to The public about 2019 election. He said he wouldn’t like to run for the presidency because of buhari. He also expressed his satisfaction in buhari’s regime.
The Governor said “I have been running for the presidency until God said I should settle for the imo governorship. And that passion to become The president of The country is not just. Borne out Of The thirsty for the position but had arisen out Of The eagerness to offer The Nation and her people a strong leadership , The essence would be to build a Nation of our collective dreams and aspirations”.

According to the governor, Buhari came in and whithin one year, Nigeria had once again got the doors of The rest of the world opened to her.
He said “Buhari has shown courage, confidence, maturity and strong leadership, what He therefore needs is to be supported and encouraged”.

It can be recalled that during The inception of the governor in his first tenor, He confessed His intention of running for presidential position in the next election. But obviously there is q change Of plan now. 

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